Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Bloody Valentine - 3-D

I'm a sucker for a good slasher movie, and when I heard they were remaking one of my favorites, I was a little scared. When I heard Jensen Ackles was in it though, I feared no longer, as I was a huge fan of his from Supernatural and Devour. I missed it in the theater with the good 3-D so I had to settle for the dvd release, which unfortunately has the green/magenta glasses instead of the grey ones. So how is it?

Fucking fantastic, that's how. The 3-D is damn cool and a sight better than Freddy's Dead and adds a new element to the gore. The performances by the cast are pretty strong and it's nice to see Tom Atkins in another genre role. The plot is similar to the original. Harry Warden, a miner involved in a cave-in, goes psycho and kills people around town, eventually getting taken care of when he tries to kill teenagers having a party in the mine. Jump to years later when Tom Banniger (Ackles) comes back to town to sell the mine and the killings are starting up again. Is Tom behind the murders or is it his old friend Axel or is it Harry Warden, back from the dead? It's all answered in the end and I'm not happy with it but it's a small flaw in an otherwise entertaining movie. Well worth seeing, in 3-D or not.

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