Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crushing on Deborah Foreman

I watched April Fool's Day last night and it's only served to reignite my crush on its star, Deborah Foreman, who you may remember from Valley Girl and Waxwork. AFD is a smart and fun slasher based in part on And Then There Were None by some Agatha Christie person. A group of friends are invited to Muffy St. John's (Foreman) party on April Fool's Day on a remote island. After a small accident involving a ferryman, they get to the house and relax and have a bunch of pranks pulled on them. Once the hilarity ends, the terror begins as someone begins offing them one by one.

It's a fun flick and keeps you guessing right until the end and performances by Amy Steel, Ken Olandt and Clayton Rohner help round out the cast. Well worth checking out if you like slasher movies and more if you love Deb Foreman, who is sublime.

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