Sunday, April 19, 2009


With an impending shoot at a bar next weekend, I had to get prepared for it. The on camera light I have is a little too blue to use unfiltered and would look weird on screen with the lights balanced to the probable orange glow of indoor lights. The solution? A CTO. I'd like to say I'm all about lighting but I don't but what I try to learn what I can. In this case, it was learning to use an orange gel to get the color temperature of the light right.

Fortunately, I have gels to change color temp.

Unfortunately, they're CTBs, or will change the light to daylight from tungsten.

Fortunately, I have some color effects gels with an orange one. I cut this up and then took a piece of clear vinyl and sanded it down to diffuse the light, since it was a pretty defined circle and would be pretty apparent on camera. I tested them out and it looks pretty good, considering the gel was more for atmosphere than color correction. Slightly more orange than I would like but I think it'll be ok. I'll know better Sunday night.

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