Monday, April 27, 2009

Post Shoot Soreness

No, it's not a sexual term. It's just the aching I feel after holding a Steadicam for a few hours in a row. It's a good hurt though, as the shoot went well and we got some good footage. As Rob stated in his blog, we missed some good stuff after the cameras were away. This will probably lead us to having another shoot at Connie's, which would actually be awesome as it was pretty fun and I'd like to have a little more time to mess with my light. I think it was diffused too much, so I didn't get as much light as I'd like. Still, having it was a boon as it gave me a nice low light instead of no light at all. It was a fun time. I wouldn't mind getting up there to sing a little too. It'll give me something else for my reel. ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Cheaper Alternative

I needed some gaffer's tape for a project I'm working on. Unfortunately, I needed it relatively immediately and couldn't order it online and I wanted a cheaper alternative, as some brands run fairly expensive. I found a good source for a similar tape that is readily available in most areas. Just walk into your sporting goods store and ask for some hockey tape. It comes in several colors, is fabric lined and matte and leaves no residue that I've noticed. Holds pretty well too and is about two dollars a roll, so if you need to use a lot, you won't break the bank. I'm only using it to hold some gels so I didn't need much but it's handy to have to mark out spots for actors to hit and to hold wires and other fun things. Just a heads up for all the budding filmmakers out there.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


With an impending shoot at a bar next weekend, I had to get prepared for it. The on camera light I have is a little too blue to use unfiltered and would look weird on screen with the lights balanced to the probable orange glow of indoor lights. The solution? A CTO. I'd like to say I'm all about lighting but I don't but what I try to learn what I can. In this case, it was learning to use an orange gel to get the color temperature of the light right.

Fortunately, I have gels to change color temp.

Unfortunately, they're CTBs, or will change the light to daylight from tungsten.

Fortunately, I have some color effects gels with an orange one. I cut this up and then took a piece of clear vinyl and sanded it down to diffuse the light, since it was a pretty defined circle and would be pretty apparent on camera. I tested them out and it looks pretty good, considering the gel was more for atmosphere than color correction. Slightly more orange than I would like but I think it'll be ok. I'll know better Sunday night.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Heh, it turns out I'm not the only one who uses the stock Soundtrack loops for my work. I just saw a commercial for the Devils advertising ticket sales and they're using a loop, called, I believe, At What Price, Victory. Something like that. It's a fun and sweeping theme and kind of reminds me of Starship Troopers. It made me smile.

Editing Blues

Ok, not so much blues, but it's definitely a longer process than I expected. I guess part of it is not being familiar with the book for so long so I'm re-reading it and then going back over sections to fix it. Also, trying to do it when I don't have a lot of free time makes it equally tough, but I'm powering through. About 20 pages in so far out of 150 or so, though that's MS Word pages, not real pagination. Maybe 5000 out of 50000 words or so, so about a tenth of the way, though I'm adding stuff as I go where needed, trying to flesh it out, so that count isn't really accurate either.

Trying to do it while watching the Devils is a slow endeavor too, as I'm only working on it during commercials tonight while I focus on the game intensely during the periods.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Playoff Time

Ahh, the time of year if I could grow facial hair, I would to support my team in the cup, getting myself a nice playoff beard. As it stands, we're rematching against Carolina and ready to take them down, what with their terrible logo and wannabe Detroit color scheme. Let's go for a sweep.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Devil's Camcorder

Just watching Reaper on the DVR and I noticed that Satan, as played by Ray Wise, has my camcorder, the HV20. How cool is that? The camera so good, it's devilish. Or something. It is a nice camera. Glad to see the gods agree. Also, watch Reaper. It's awesome. A shame that it gets a very brief season in favor of crap like 90210 and Gossip Girl and every other cookie cutter show on the CW.

Monday, April 06, 2009


What the hell, man? They killed one of the more interesting and likable characters on the show. Instead we're left with angry balding man and Foreteen, either of whom could have been offed nicely. I'm sure the creators have reasons for it but it seems so arbitrary. Plus we don't even get him in the episode as a corpse. WTF? Sad and good episode otherwise, save for the fact I still can't fathom why Meat Loaf continues to be addressed as such. It doesn't work well in dramas when you associate a character with a food relative of Salisbury Steak. It distances you. It also makes you hungry.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Week 2

8. I love Green Lantern.
I wish I could have his ring.
Big green punch of doom.

9. Flash, the fastest man
alive. Good for catching crooks.
Not for the ladies.

10. Godzilla is my
name. Stomping buildings is my
game. Can you dig it?

11. Why am I watching
Australia? God, this movie
sucks. Damn you Jackman!

12. Resident Evil.
It's zombie killing goodness.
Mmm. Zombie killing.

13. I have light sabers.
They're silver and shiny too.
But they're not real...yet.

14. Lady Gaga, please.
I can read your poker face.
Now get off my air.