Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Soreness

Man, chalk up another reason for filing comics on time--the soreness that you get from kneeling in front of the boxes and sorting them when you have about 300 left. Ugh. I need a really long room I can just line the boxes up in instead of stacking them so I don't need to worry about lifting them either. Thankfully, the batches I'm on right now are ones I taped previously so I don't need to go through that pain in the ass while sorting them.

Watched the House Bunny last night. Not great but damn if Anna Faris isn't the funniest thing ever. She's just so earnest in her delivery and attacks it with such enthusiasm that you can't help but laugh your way through whatever scene she's in. Hef shows up and actually out acts a few of the girls in the movie just by being himself too, which doesn't say much for the cast. If you find it on tv somewhere, it's worth sitting through for free. Not sure I'd give it a full rental.

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