Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ion Girl

Who do you go to when you need someone to hold the entire power of the Green Lantern Corps in case the Guardians all die? Well, in the comics, they go to a Daxamite. I say, why not a Kryptonian? Of course, Power Girl is from an alternate universe but she still has identity issues and what better way to welcome her into the fold than with a power ring or the Ion essence in this case?

The base figure is an Elseworlds Supergirl, who looked pretty damn close to PG physically, save for the head. Enter the spare head from the Nightwing Armor figure. I think it turned out alright and I can still use the head if I want to pose Nightwing in an unmasked scene. Please note that this is the Nightwing from Kandor, not Dick Grayson. That would be weird. Anyway, another entry into the GLC shelf, which I think I'll be focusing on in the future save for some side trips.

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