Monday, February 23, 2009

Hal Jordan--Red Lantern

In the latest issue of Green Lantern (ok, last month's), Hal Jordan was engaged in combat with Sinestro and feeling mighty pissed off as that yellow-wielding bastard had just killed Laira, a former GL who had become a RL but was looking to change. In the course of this fight, Laira's red ring found its way onto Hal's finger and due to his great rage, he became a Red Lantern. It's a pretty cool issue and I love his costume and knew I had to make my own figure for him as waiting for DC Direct to make them is akin to waiting for a star to fall--it'll happen, but not when you expect it.

I used a Supes/Bats Captain Atom figure I got at NYCC last year and promptly got to work and priming him to make a new figure. It was basically a repaint, save for the sculpting on the rings. The only part of the outfit I didn't recreate was the belt area, which is three thin red stripes. I just used one as my hand is nowhere near steady enough to attempt that and it still looks good. The mask is painted on (a tip from Swass! Customs) and the symbol I printed out and decoupaged in place. Just have to seal him once the weather turns nicer and I'll be done. I've been busy finishing figures so expect more in the coming days.

Also, I finally got rid of that black border up top around the blog title. Turns out it was a rogue content div I had lying around that I saw on another page. Thank goodness for tired editing to help me out in the end.

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