Saturday, February 28, 2009

Damn you Geoff Johns

I just finished Hal Jordan as a Red Lantern. I am NOT going to make a Blue/Green Lantern version of him now.

Ok, I probably will but I'll need to find some more Captain Atom bases now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ion Girl

Who do you go to when you need someone to hold the entire power of the Green Lantern Corps in case the Guardians all die? Well, in the comics, they go to a Daxamite. I say, why not a Kryptonian? Of course, Power Girl is from an alternate universe but she still has identity issues and what better way to welcome her into the fold than with a power ring or the Ion essence in this case?

The base figure is an Elseworlds Supergirl, who looked pretty damn close to PG physically, save for the head. Enter the spare head from the Nightwing Armor figure. I think it turned out alright and I can still use the head if I want to pose Nightwing in an unmasked scene. Please note that this is the Nightwing from Kandor, not Dick Grayson. That would be weird. Anyway, another entry into the GLC shelf, which I think I'll be focusing on in the future save for some side trips.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hal Jordan--Red Lantern

In the latest issue of Green Lantern (ok, last month's), Hal Jordan was engaged in combat with Sinestro and feeling mighty pissed off as that yellow-wielding bastard had just killed Laira, a former GL who had become a RL but was looking to change. In the course of this fight, Laira's red ring found its way onto Hal's finger and due to his great rage, he became a Red Lantern. It's a pretty cool issue and I love his costume and knew I had to make my own figure for him as waiting for DC Direct to make them is akin to waiting for a star to fall--it'll happen, but not when you expect it.

I used a Supes/Bats Captain Atom figure I got at NYCC last year and promptly got to work and priming him to make a new figure. It was basically a repaint, save for the sculpting on the rings. The only part of the outfit I didn't recreate was the belt area, which is three thin red stripes. I just used one as my hand is nowhere near steady enough to attempt that and it still looks good. The mask is painted on (a tip from Swass! Customs) and the symbol I printed out and decoupaged in place. Just have to seal him once the weather turns nicer and I'll be done. I've been busy finishing figures so expect more in the coming days.

Also, I finally got rid of that black border up top around the blog title. Turns out it was a rogue content div I had lying around that I saw on another page. Thank goodness for tired editing to help me out in the end.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Taking place a year after Resident Evil 4, this RE movie is actually related to the game more than just in name and places and is good until the last drop of blood. In this CG flick, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are reunited when there's an outbreak of the T-virus at an airport and during the investigation, they find that terrorists may be trying to get hold of the virus to use and devastate the country with a zombie plague. Not a bad little plan. It's up to Leon, the ultimate badass and Claire to stop them.

The CG is good, looking a lot like cutscenes from RE4 and the voice acting is decent. It's a kick to actually get a story that ties into the games for once and it's handled rather well. It's not exceptional but it's a fun ride and even Hunnigan makes an appearance. I hear the outcome of this movie factors into RE5 a little bit, so it's nice to have a bridging film right before the new game gets released. I am disappointed that Leon didn't suplex or roundhouse kick anyone but he did use his intense macking skills on a new chippie in the film. Oh, that Leon.

Check it out.

Alien vs. Predator 2: The Crappening

I don't know why I thought the second AVP would be better than the first, which was a letdown. If at all possible, it was actually worse, which is odd when you think a movie such at this should be a slam dunk. You have Aliens. You have a Predator. You have them fight. The end. The part they all get hung up on is including humans for drama. Personally, I don't give a shit about them. I'm not watching Alien vs. Predator vs. Steve. I'm watching AVP. It doesn't help that you don't particularly care for any of them anyway. Look, a mom who just got back from war. A man who got out of prison and who is just trying to help his family. A sheriff who uses all the hair gel in the state of Colorado on a daily basis. Ugh. Stay away. Even the fights, which should be good, are terrible, mainly due to it being so damn dark when they fight in sewers and at night and in various locations where it is pitch black. If they do a third movie, they should do it right and ignore the humans. And include more than one predator for land's sake. I know they're a hunting species but it doesn't say much for their aptitude when they get wiped out in the first five minutes and their backup is a lone predator from a galaxy away.

Highlights of the film include an arming up sequence with the Predator as he loots weapons from a ship and then sets it to explode before he's even done loading up so he can run out before it detonates and jump and be all cool. Also, there's death by glaive, or the predator equivalent. It came as a surprise and I wish he used them more.

Lowlights include a cast you don't care for, save for little Shawn from Psych at the beginning. There's also changes to the Alien biology with how the Predalien reproduces. I'm pretty sure that while they take on some characteristics of their host when they're impregnated, it doesn't change them so drastically where they've evolved over one generation. It's mainly done for shock value but just comes off as lame. I think they also got some Predator history wrong, as the one in this movie skins a cop he kills. In the first movie there were some skinned bodies but I always thought that was attributed to the rebels, not the predator, who likes skulls instead.

If you're a fan of the movies, I guess you'll see this, otherwise, you might want to stay away and watch something that delivers the goods.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Signal

I finally finished this movie. Not because it wasn't any good, but because life and a wife who hates horror movies intervened. Great little flick though the vague ending hurts what is overall a strong movie with intense scenes of horror and some of the funniest stuff I've seen in awhile as well. For those unfamiliar with the flick, it's about a couple named Mya and Ben who are having an affair. Not usually a problem, however on this night after they separate, a signal is broadcast that drives the city of Terminus insane and turning everyone into killers, including Mya's husband, Lewis. This film is told in three parts, each leading into the next and wrapping up fairly nicely at the end. The middle scene is probably the funniest whilst the first and third contain the majority of the horror. Will Mya and Ben meet up and escape the town? You'll have to find out. It's worth checking out for the budget (500k) and the time it was shot in (13 days). Very cool film.

What's that? Take off that mask, Mya.

Are you listening to me?

Monday, February 09, 2009


No, it isn't one of those DC posters from Final Crisis. It's what I did. Not to Mongul though. No, instead I submitted a script to the Netflix Find Your Voice Contest. It's a pretty fraking sweet contest, I must say, offering about 300k in prizes, of which about half is cash and the rest is equipment, which is more than enough to make your script into a film, unless you wrote the next Star Wars or something of that ilk. I have my hopes though my script isn't as polished as it could be because I finished it late. They required a lot of extra info that I had to write tonight as well, which didn't give me much time to proof. Then Celtx, unlike Final Draft, doesn't export the fucking title page when it saves as text or pdf, which means adding it later on, which is easy if you have the time but annoying when you're on a deadline. Still I made it, hopefully before 2,000 people threw in theirs, because that's how many they're accepting and if you show up after, you're done. Wish me luck.

If I don't hear from them by the time they announce the winners, I'll post it for your reading pleasure.

Just Another Day in Keyport

We had another Ginkers shoot last night, this time at Scott's hacienda in Keyport/Cliffwood Beach. It was a tight fit into the room, which was small and packed with belongings, but a fun shoot. The questions were great and Rob really delved into Scott's personal history and dug up some awesome stories. We're nearing the end of the shoot and soon it will be time to edit. Hopefully we'll get some more fantastic footage soon with a round of Scott on the town and really kick it up a notch. I can't wait to see how this all unfolds in Final Cut.