Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lighting Rig

I finished my DIY camera light today. It wasn't much in the way of DIY, as most of the work simply required a drill, as opposed to others that actually wire the damn thing themselves. Mine's made up of a Chicago Electric LED worklight, a flash bracket and that's about it. I just drilled a hole in the flash bracket and threw the screw that normally mounted the worklight to its base and added a nut I bought at the hardware store on Herbertsville Rd and I was done. It works pretty well, giving off more light than what you might find at a comparative price solely for cameras. It's a lot bigger though so what I gain in cheapness, I lose in micronizing. Heavy too, though the bracket is sturdy and offers a good grip in case I want to use that instead of the hand strap or if I don't feel like mounting it to my steadicam. I'll have pics soon. I just need to work out a balance issue too, I think.

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