Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Ahh, a new year and new resolutions. One of them I've made and been keeping is to catch up on my movie queue. I started with Juno last night. Can't say I'm a fan or saw what everyone else did to make it an Oscar nominee. Terrible dialogue and uneven characterization made me glad I had the DS nearby. Can't blame the actors as they did a good job with what they had, though I think Page is overrated in the role and outdone by the duo playing her parents and even the girl who was her friend.

I followed that up with My Bloody Valentine. A little slow but a fun slasher from Canada that makes me want to drink Moosehead beer. Good gore and a great killer. I wonder how the remake is going to be.

Congrats to the Hokies for winning the Orange Bowl too. Go VT!

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