Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Head, it HURTS

I think I just had my first migraine last night. It might have just been a bad headache but it went from annoying to fucking hurting pretty fast and lasted a long time despite pain relievers and booze and I was feeling nauseous before taking any of the latter too. I ended up going to bed early and sleeping until 9am this morning and I must say, I'm feeling better now, which is good, because I was missing Left 4 Dead time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Increasing Signs of Distress Upon a Soul

Does anyone else feel like the holidays are bearing down upon them at a breakneck speed and that you have too much to do and too little damn time to do it, even though you have time enough to write a blog post about it? Me too. It's the fucking what, seventeenth and I'm not sure I have everything done I need to have done and Santa Chud is looking at me for clothes and eyes and teeth and there are presents that are sitting unwrapped in a bag on the floor. I need more time, I keep thinking to myself, but then I find myself out of control and I can't make use of the time I have. I'll be happy to have Christmas Day arrive and be up looking at my daughter smile at me even though her diaper is wet and it's six in the morning. Then I'll be able to relax at the finish line. Keep me in your heart for awhile.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rain Go Away

Man, fuck the rain. Actually, fuck the drivers who slam on their brakes at the slightest hint of a drizzle. A downpour I could understand and get behind, but when it's just grey out and then the drops start to hit at a slightly regular pattern, just drive or get out of my way. I hate people.