Thursday, November 27, 2008


Not much to report but I wish everyone a good turkey day. Eat lots and drink lots and of course, be responsible before going into a food coma. I'm set here, though I could use a nap and have to give Cassie a bath when she wakes up. I'm almost done with the new book. Well, almost done with the word count for Nanowrimo at any rate. I think I might actually go 2k over, but that won't be for the contest, I think, as I'm running out of time. And here I thought I'd be short. Turns out that that last 10k goes pretty damn fast. I have under a thousand words left for the contest and probably a few more after that to wrap it up, as somehow I added a Lovecraftian plot twist to the story and have to deal with the fallout of that and the severing of a statue's head. I hope it turns out well. Then it's time for Left 4 Dead.

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