Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have an opportunity to have my book I'm currently editing published for free. I'd get a copy and it would be available on When I've looked into the publishing before, it seems to be looked upon with scorn by the majority of the writing world, called, for the most part "vanity publishing". You see, true self-publishing is done by your own printing press or a small press or by carving it into stone, apparently. This is odd to me and seems to be solely a preconception of in the realm of literature. If you're not getting paid to do it or have a real book deal, you're not an official author, despite the fact your book has an ISBN and can be ordered through most stores. We don't really see that in other walks, at least not that I can think of.

In the music industry, if you pay to put together your own cd and put it out, it's all the more power for you. I have many friends who have done that and they're playing the game and making some cash and maybe they won't be signed, but they're trying to make it honest.

In the art game, you pretty much pay for all of your stuff yourself, from canvas to paints and then have to find a gallery to sell your stuff or you can do it yourself. Nobody seems to frown upon that. In fact, along with music, people pride themselves on discovering new talent.

In movies, you might find something similar with the divide between video and film, but that's more like the divide between novella and novel if anything. People who take on the initiative to do it themselves and not rely on a studio to help them out are pioneers and rebels. They're keeping their art true to themselves. Sure, they're taking a hit on budget which may affect the overall outcome, but they're doing it. Without this initiative, we wouldn't have classics like Night of the Living Dead or the huge moneymaker Blair Witch Project. People admire what the creators of these films have done.

Books, however, get a bad rap. You're either part of the machine or you're not worth reading. I'm still going to do it, as I think it's a good book and for the price, I can put they money I save towards an agent or more stuff for the baby and my wife. You know, something respectable. I don't see anything wrong with it at all. Is there a lot of crap out there that's self-published? Yeah, there is, but you know what? There's a lot of crap out there by established authors from the big publishers too you won't catch me reading either. When it comes out, however, I hope you read mine.

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