Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yep, that's what people call me. Madman. Ok, so they don't really call me that. They do, however, call the title character of the movie Madman that. Madman Marz to be specific. It's another entry from 1982 in the camp slasher movie genre that was left in the wake of F13's success. It, like The Burning, is also allegedly based on the campfire tale about Cropsy the maniac, who would kill campers and counselors. In this film, he does so only after people yell out his name in the woods by his house. Then it is game on.

It's a mediocre film highlighted only by some decent gore and the always great Gaylen Ross (Dawn of the Dead). Madman Marz isn't particularly scary as he looks more like a retarded Ugnaut that a menacing foe and he acts the same. In the flashbacks he's methodical and in reality he runs around like said Ugnaut, practically skipping from his house. The counselors get knocked off in a variety of ways, all starting because one camper saw Madman Marz hanging out in a tree and decided to follow him. The counselors go looking for said kid, alone, and one by one get picked off. Nobody listens to poor Gaylen, who said she saw some huge figure lurking about and they go off to look for the missing people and die along the way. You would think that after three people go off and don't come back, you'd either send a search party or call the cops. They do neither.

I do like the end and beginning titles as they have a cool red and black tree background and minimalist electronic theme song. If you're a slasher completist, it's worth checking out, but if you're looking for a good scare, I'd watch the Burning or another superior film.

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