Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long Live the New Flesh

Man, I love Videodrome. I just watched it again for the first time in about 12 years and I have to say, I'm still in love with it and it is still relevant. Who could have thought that our television would amount to the S&M violent pleasures that Cronenberg imagined. Life imitating art, I reckon. James Woods is scrawny and taut and Debbie Harry is sexy and naked and the whole thing is a crazy and fun ride through hallucination and imagined reality that shows up in Cronenberg's later Existenz. It's dated, for sure, but stations still use the tapes to broadcast so you never know when a tech might try to insert one into the vagina-like cavity in your chest to control you. I live with that fear every day. Well worth checking out for James Woods' gun hand alone.

In the Name of the King, on the other hand is pure trash. It's Uwe Boll's newest film and he has successfully raped a franchise of video games and managed to cast the film with some top level stars somehow. It's not terrible at first, but it slowly winds its way into stupidity and after and hour and fifteen minutes, I found out I still had almost another hour to go and punched out. Avoid it. It's a shame, because I love Jason Statham and a lot of the other actors, but I just can't do this to myself anymore.

Death to Uwe Boll. Long live good movies.

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