Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Everybody! (This message has been brought to you by Silver Shamrock Masks.)

It's that time of year, the day that kicks off a month-long celebration for me as we enter into November, the month of my birth. And what a day to do it with. The day of the dead. The feast of Samhain. The day to dress up and scare the crap out of people under the pretext of getting candy for free. Not a bad racket.

In honor of the day I'll be taking my daughter our for her first trick-or-treating, I've composed a special top 5.

Top 5 Movies to Watch on Halloween:

1. Halloween: Nuff said here. It's a classic and sets the mood perfectly and Michael Myers makes an awesome costume. The movie is chilling and perfectly put together and I even tolerate Jamie Lee Curtis in it, as she hadn't learned to act badly in it.

2. Night of the Living Dead: Another classic in tone and craft. Zombies attack stranded travelers in a farmhouse and the world goes to hell. Perfect when you're home alone and the streets are packed with shadowy beings wandering your neighborhood.

3. The Halloween Tree: Good luck trying to find this animated gem anywhere, but it's worth tracking down. It's based on a Ray Bradbury book where several kids travel through time to save their friend's soul and learn about the holiday in the process. Touching and exciting at the same time, it's sure to please the child in you. Hopefully you can find it on tv or bootleg somewhere.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Great for what ails you, this flick is a terrifyingly real ride through the horrors that a group of motorists experience at the hands of a family of madmen. It's stark and brutal and particularly awesome. Leatherface is a true villain to fear and I kinda get hungry for BBQ whenever I watch it. Go figure.

5. Dawn of the Dead: I know you weren't expecting another zombie movie, but here you go. It's the original movie, full of metaphor and satire and zombies munching bodies and orange blood. It continues the breakdown of society from the original and shows the depravity of humans and what we do to each other instead of our common foe. You might as well follow this up with Day of the Dead (takes place on Halloween), Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead to be a completist. It's full of shocks and scares and although it's a little dated, you can't go wrong with it.

Maybe I'll bust out some more Top 5s for horror movies throughout the month, since everyone does it for October, it'll be a nice change and continue the fun for those who like to be scared a little longer than 31 days.

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