Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Burning

No, it's not a movie about a urinary tract infection, but instead a fun little slasher gem from 1981. Cropsy was a dick of a caretaker and some campers played a trick on him that went awry, burning him horribly. Five years later he's out of the hospital and looking for revenge and he sets his sights on a summer camp in the area and picks up a pair of garden shears to chop his way to a peaceful mind. In the meantime, we meet some of the campers and learn their life stories while they try to get in each other's pants. We also see quite a few familiar faces. This movie was a starter for the careers of Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens and Holly Hunter and you can see them in all their youthful glory as they try not to get murdered.

It's fairly tensely plotted and doesn't get too stupid, making it a breath of fresh air from the killer at a summer camp movies that seemed to crawl out of the woodwork after Friday the 13th made it vogue. The acting is well done and Tom Savini does a bang up job on the special effects and you get some great cinematography and scares out of the whole thing. A worth addition to a Halloween movie list. Check it out.

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