Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sunshine Lies

It's been a few years, but the wait was worth it for the new Matthew Sweet album. Less if you count the duets album with Susanna Hoffs. But it's here and I have it, a little late, but that's because I ordered it later on from Amazon. I'm loving it. It's no surprise, since he's my favorite artist, but I'm particularly happy with this release, which seems a much stronger effort than Living Things.

The sound is pure Matthew Sweet all over the place, hearkening back to Altered Beast with some songs and then jumping ahead to In Reverse with others and then dropping back further to some good old fashioned Girlfriend with a few other albums mixed in for good measure. And it's a good sound that also begs comparison to artists such as Dylan and Young. The rock songs make you rock out and the ballads are moving with a lyrical intensity lost on a lot of artists today. If you're looking for an album with a radio hit and some filler, you've come to the wrong place. The album is chock full of good songs. I don't have a favorite yet but I'd be lying if I said Sunshine Lies wasn't a frontrunner, having me bust out into a full smile when I heard Hoffs singing along towards the middle. I'm looking forward to the commute tomorrow so I can sit in my time capsule and listen until I'm sick of myself.

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