Saturday, September 27, 2008

NHL 2k9 Part Two

I have an update on the NHL 2k9 situation. On a lark, I ordered the Wii Component cables to see if they would make a difference. I also got an HDMI cable for my camera but that is neither here nor anywhere. Once I connected the Wii cable, the game showed a marked improvement in graphics. I'm talking exponential. It used to look like old high school football tapes on cable access and now it actually looks up to snuff from overhead. The faces still aren't great but that's programming and not something a cable will fix. I'm much happier with the game now. Of course, now I've found a bug where sometimes my control stick will get messed up and I have to unplug it or only skate in one direction. Usually happens on a scoring drive. It's worth about 30 bucks now, so if you see it for that much and want hockey on the Wii, it's not terrible, but they can improve it greatly.

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