Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NHL 2k9 - The Freezening

I love me some hockey. I'll make no bones about it. It's fun to watch and it's fun to play, both in real life and on the video game system of choice. Since 2003, I've been a fan of 2kSports and their line of NHL games. They have quite a bit of realism plus a difficulty level that you actually have to work to beat, instead of blowing out the other team like crazy. When they stopped making games for the Gamecube, I followed them onto the Playstation 2, where people complained about them but they still put out a fine game. Now I've followed them onto the Wii, and it's a whole new ballgame.

To be blunt, 2k9 feels like it was rushed. A lot. The graphics are worse that its predecessors on both the Cube and the PS2, which takes some doing. They're muddy, blurry and don't look finished at all. I've got an HD cable in the mail which might help with that, but all my other games look golden without it so I've got a feeling it won't do much. The menus are pretty bland and bad and you lack the options that were available even a year ago on the PS2. So no challenges for you or actually determining how long a franchise you want to play. Fantastic.

The controls are quite good, though could use some improvement, but work well for the first year being implemented. The music selection is A+ too. All in all, it's an alright budget title but there's a freezing problem that might even prevent you from that. It just happened to me after stomping the Thrashers. I was annoyed. Also, there's some cool fucking replays you can do on the 3 stars but it's showed up once for me. I'd like to know how to rock that out more, because it actually shines in a pretty troubled game. Rent it if you want, buy it only if you need to.

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