Sunday, August 31, 2008

Comcast, why hast thou forsaken me?

I have seen the light. It is a light that shines in the time of intense boredom, offering salvation to those that would embrace it. It is a light that is actually quite dark, bloody, and offers a program called "Labor Day of the Dead". Yes, this light is Monsters HD, and it is available only through Cablevision. So far.

It's a pretty fucking awesome channel that my buddy Al showed me. All horror movies, all the time. I was watching Without Warning (Jack Palance and Martin Landau--it's like someone else loved the combo in Alone in the Dark) which is about an alien that throws little bloodsucking aliens at people. He's a hunter, so the movie kinda predates Predator and features the same actor playing the alien, because he's ungodly tall. Like a giant. It was some good cheese. Then they showed Waxwork. Wax-fucking-work. It's awesome. Zach Galligan. David Warner. Deborah Foreman. Mmmm. I had a crush on her growing up. True story.

And that was only 4 hours of programming. Tomorrow they're showing three blind dead films. Three! That's 300% more than I've ever seen on. Of course I own them but who wouldn't like to be able to see them on a regular basis. I'm sure Cassie would. They're all good fun. I gotta write to Comcast about this. I need this channel like I need, well, a horror channel. Why not, they have everything else on there, so why not a good one?

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