Sunday, July 20, 2008


The film shoot yesterday went well, from what I could make of it. I had to bounce early due to a prior commitment with a 1st birthday party. We got some good footage on what became a tour of Ginker hangouts in East Brunswick. There was some cool stuff and the first one was almost like doing Ginker archaeology, as the location was hidden for a long time until construction uncovered it and all the wonders within.

Moreover, it gave me a chance to test some of my equipment in the field. I'll have to review the footage to check the audio but I think the test of my new microphone went well. The new UV filter helped cut down on some of the glare. I would have tried the circular polarizer but there wasn't time but I did check that today and it works nicely.

My biggest test was the new bag. I had upgraded from my small camcorder bag that I had been putting in a backpack to a backback bag by Canon, the 200EG. It has more than enough space for my gear with room left over for some more items should I get them. The compartments are made with little velcro pads that you can rearrange to fit your specific needs. I had to make the camera area smaller as the HV20 is a pretty small but awesome camera. I had to enlarge another space for the Rode Videomic, as it is bigger than my camera with any lens attached.

It was easy to access my equipment in the car as we traveled and even quicker to put away. I didn't get a chance to test my tripod straps until today but they were goodly as well. All in all a great purchase at a much better price than some of the Lowepro bags, which are nice but a little more than I wanted to spend. At $40 bucks on Amazon, the Canon bag is a great deal.

I'll review the footage when I get a chance. Maybe tonight if I'm lucky.

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