Friday, July 25, 2008

Ginkers: The Blog

Rob has a new blog up on the web, powered by Blogspot and fueled by the passion of the Ginkers. It's a good read, giving you insight into the subjects of the documentary and also the behind the scenes stuff that goes on when our rowdy little bunch gets together and starts shooting.

You can find it here:

I'll post a permalink on the side too. It's hard to believe I've been attached to Rucksack Films for so long. Almost since I've been back in New Jersey, I think. We started with The Boy Roach, in it's various iterations and now we're onto the Ginkers. I think we've actually shot more in a few short months than we did in the years of TBR. A lot of that comes from the nature of the projects. With Ginkers, there are subjects and we just ask questions. TBR had a script and actors and a whole slew of other things that come with a feature film and sometimes the bottom would just drop out on you. Regardless, it's been a lot of fun and I'm proud to be part of the group.

It seems like only yesterday that I met Rob, answering an ad on We met at Barnes and Noble and I got there early and asked just about everyone in the cafe area if they were Rob. Then, while perusing through Video Watchdog and Fangoria, I heard someone call my name,

"Hey douchebag, you have to pay for that. This isn't a library."

After outwitting the dim-witted employee, I heard another voice,

"Clean-up in the restroom."

Putting down the copy of Playboy, I left the bathroom and went back out into the cafe. There I met Rob and he gave a nice boy with little credits outside of some student films and some work at an NBC affiliate a job as a PA. I asked if the job paid, and he said it did in the spiritual coin. I accepted gleefully, knowing that the exchange rate on ghosts was through the roof. Little did I know at the time that spiritual coin was not actually accepted to exchange at the bank due to an embargo on the spirit world. Undaunted, I pressed on and at the first shoot I attended, met the rest of the crew, including "Merry" Matt Ziegler and a whole bunch of people who aren't involved anymore. There was a guy who went to Pittsburgh and got angry when my team stomped his, and I think a PA who might have been 40 at the time and in a car accident. My memory is hazy. I just remember thinking--"This is fucking awesome." Then we had sushi, I'm pretty sure.

Later on, at one of the Rutgers Gardens shoots, I stepped in dog crap. I have a tendency to do that. It might be a special power. If it is, I think I'll trade it in to be Potato Salad Man.

Now we've been through a lot and got a job outside of retail and digging graves, I'm a husband and a father and I'm a cameraman now too, backing up the magnificent Matt on the shoots with my trusty HV20, and I must say, it gets better with every minute and I can't wait to see the finished product. And once that embargo ends, I'm going to cash in my coin and be a millionaire. Unless there's an arcade that accepts it, in which case, I'm going to play me some Galaga.

Rock and fucking roll.

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