I finally finished Arisia. No, not the planet, but the Green Lantern. If you're familiar with the character, you might notice that this costume is a little different. That's because it's based upon a drawing I came across while searching for a decent image of her instead of the current outfit. I think this fits her a little better. While I'm a huge fan of skin showing, it didn't seem right for Arisia, who is supposed to be a teenager anyways (unless you count the recton that just happened in the GL books). This is a little more fitting for space combat and kicks a little more ass. It's basically a Marvel Girl repaint, save for a little sanding and the addition of a ring and ears.. I was going to make the current costume but I think that would have required a lot more effort on my part. She's the latest addition to my "Girls of the Green Lantern Corps" section of customs, with more to come.


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