Saturday, May 31, 2008

Review: Fido

From the title of the movie, it might sound as if it's about a dog. Instead, Fido is about a different kind of domesticated pet--a zombie. The film takes place in an era that evokes the 1950s. A great zombie war had erupted and now the world is divided into little towns that are separated from the wild lands by fences. That's not to say the people are unhappy or caged. Instead, thanks to Zomcom (short for zombie comedy, I'm guessing), a corporation that is promoting better living with the undead, the people have their very own zombies to do work for them via little collars that keep them from wanting to eat people.

The town is pulled from the Donna Reed Show and the Robinsons are leading an idyllic little life, save for the fact that the man of the house is obsessed with funerals and afraid of the undead. That makes life a little complicated when the wife, played by Carrie Ann Moss, brings home a domesticated zombie to compete with the neighbors. Timmy, bullied by classmates and relatively shunned, finds a friend in the undead and names the zombie, played by Billy Connolly, Fido. Then the misadventures start.

Fido is a funny and refreshing take on the zombie genre and well worth seeing. The characters are compelling thanks to excellent performances and the budget makes it feel like you're actually in a 50's movie. It's PG13 so it's fun for the whole family and me and the baby liked it a whole lot. If you're looking for a nice fun time with a little blood on the side, then Fido is a movie to check out.

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