Sunday, January 06, 2008

Super Swing Golf 2

Fore. It's golfing season again, at least indoors on the Wii with Super Swing Golf Season 2. If you like the first game, it's a lot more of the same great golf action but with some improvements. You can skip the computer's turn so the rounds move faster, you can unlock costumes by collecting coins, rather than performing esoteric tasks in a specific way and the load times are a lot better as well. The tour mode is particularly fun as it's set up like a game board that you progress by playing golf matches or mini-games. The difficulty seems to be ramped fairly well so you won't be going crazy like in the first one against a computer that chips in a shot from 50 yards to get an eagle.

The characters are the same as the previous iteration though they have new costumes and there are more items and clubs to choose from. I'm only a little way in but I'm enjoying the game quite a bit as the title isn't one that I play rabidly, but go to about once a day for my golf fix so I'm not killing a ton of time. Well worth picking up if you like golf tempered with anime style characters and a few power shots to cut down on the dryness of realistic golf.

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