Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little Update

Got another shoot on Saturday. I can't wait. It's been fun so far and each Ginker we interview has some interesting stories. I just have to pick up some tapes and such first. Might order me a wide angle lens too. I've been jonesing for one though a telephoto would help more, I reckon.

New comics today as well. Some decent stuff in addition to the stuff I missed last week. JSA Classified had a good Hourman story. GL was decent with the Alpha Lanterns though I'm annoyed that they took one of my favorite new lanterns, Kraken, and turned her into one. I'm not a fan of the half-robot GLs that they have become. Maybe if I seem them in more detail I'll like them but their oath is pretty stupid. I wish everyone would stop using the GL title as an excuse for bad poetry. It's just as bad as the Sinestro Corps oath, so be warned.

Edit: Got the name wrong again. It's Kraken, not Raker. Guess she's not really my new fave. :)

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