Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

It's 2008 and time for some new reviews. The first up is I Am Legend. There may be some spoilers, so be warned.

I went to see this Sunday and was actually fairly disappointed in it. It's a decent flick but it doesn't really follow the book save for bits and pieces, which isn't a bad thing, but the things they didn't keep makes you wonder why they kept the name at all.

The plot centers around Robert Neville, a virologist and colonel who seems to be the last man alive in NYC, much less the word. Seems a virus wiped out the world and he's trying to find a cure for it, though he himself is immune. It's basically in case he finds any survivors who somehow dodged the bullet like himself, which would mean they are immune and not needing the cure, but maybe for future generations born without the immunity. You know, for posterity and such. Anyhow, he spends his days working out and in his lab and cruising for food and dvds. By night, well, you don't really know unless you read the book or saw a spoiler, but he basically hides from somethings that go bump in the night.

Vampires are those things, well, kinda. You don't really get the idea that they're vampires and you don't really see them do any feeding but since there's not much around to hunt, you can't really knock them for that. The thing is, in the book, the vampires are basically humans who come out at night and who are a little more savage and hate the light, but they're not a great deviation from a human being. The vamps in this movie look like a cross between the infected from 28 Days Later and the shit from Van Helsing. Scary, but with crappy CGI and the whole monster aspect removes one of the key points of the book, especially the ending.

When the third act of the film starts, you think it's the second and then it's a breakneck rush to an ending that feels tacked on. Will Smith is great throughout and it's a shame that the movie falls apart at this point. A lot of that comes from the decision to make the vampires superhuman. So a virus does this? Really, does it give them super muscles and bone structure so that they can scale fucking buildings in a single bound? It doesn't really make sense but provides some scares.

Overall, I think The Last Man on Earth stands as a better adaptation of Richard Matheson's novel and this movies stands as a good remake of the Omega Man. Worth checking out but for god sakes read the book so you can see what the hell I'm talking about. Also, watch 28 Days Later, since it provides a fun spin on the book, even though it's not based on it, and for what this movie might have been.

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