Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day 1

Ok, so it's a few days past but on Saturday we officially had our first day of shooting on the Ginker documentary as helmed by Rob Thorpe, our director and captain. It was a fun shoot. We rallied at 3:30pm to meet and get ready for a magic hour shoot and headed out to the river down the street in Keyport to get some good footage. I was on second camera, a Canon HV20, while Matt was the man with the XL-1. His camera is a prosumer model where I'm at a consumer level but HD and we both got some excellent footage. I'm a little disappointed with about a minute of it where it's pretty grainy due to the light issue discussed in a previous post but there are plenty of useable shots. I was making due with a ghetto steadicam rig too, which is basically a folded up tripod, so it's not even a real ghetto steadicam but it helped even out a few of the shots.

Later on, after dinner and a drink, we headed to our next location but it started raining out so the interview had to be conducted indoors at a friend's house since every other location we tried didn't work out for various reasons. I wish we could have gotten the pizza place since it would have been sweet. I think for a future shoot we should try for one since the neon lights in their windows give off a cool glow. Regardless, the interview went great and the subject was quite lively and I think we got some goodly results for a first shoot. Check out the Rucksack Films myspace page for more info.

I'm going to try and post some of the outdoor shots on Vimeo to check out later if the render I'm working on ever finishes and if it's ok with Rob.

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