Sunday, December 30, 2007

Godzilla: Unleashed

Man, it's an unfair review that Nintendo Power gave this gem for the Wii. It contains all the monster on monster action that you might need and diplays it with great graphics to boot. I'm only partly into playing, having beaten it once as Godzilla, and I love it. The play (once I understood the motions) is a nice evolution from the previous iterations on the Gamecube and the PS2. The graphics as such are also improved, as is the user interface from the previous game. You start the game with a few monsters, but as you progress you can unlock more for use to buy in the store. That's the only downside for me as you really have to earn up a ton of credits to buy everything. On the bright side, this encourages multiple playthroughs where you can find more secrets and monsters.

The game is broken up into stages where you fight monsters, but unlike previous games where you basically progressed through the roster by defeating foes, you have several options here. Since the world is being taken over by crystals, you can usually destroy several of them on the stage to win if you don't want to fight a friend or you're in dire straits. Don't let this dismay you, as quite a few of the levels are outright monster mayhem where you must KO your foe to win. Sometimes there are several foes and sometimes you even get an ally to help you out.

All of you favorite monsters and them some are here, though some are exclusive to different consoles. One of these days they'll stop that crap and give us all the monsters in a game for whatever system we desire. One of these days. I'll espouse more as I unlock more, but so far it's a solid purchase and worth playing if you're a fan of Godzilla or giant monsters in general.

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