Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wa-hooo! (No, not UVA)

I picked up Mario Galaxy this week. I was going to get it for my wife for Xmas but she pretty much demanded it now, so I bought it. If you're in the market, I suggest TRU, as you get a $25 gift card for buying it this week, which is awesome. Anyhow, we've played a few worlds of it and it is pretty damn awesome. I haven't played Mario Sunshine to compare, but the game definitely has a Mario 64 vibe to it in in the sheer originality and fun of it.

The story goes like this. Princess Peach is captured. You must save her. To do this, you must help out Rosalina (super hottie star princess) by going to different galaxies and getting the stars there. Much like Mario 64, when you get a certain number of stars, you can enter a new planet. Along the way, there are enemies new and old and powerups that kick booty and some of the weirdest damn scenerios I've seen in a long time, much less in a Mario game.

The gameplay is quite similar to M64, using the control stick to move and using the multiple jump aspect of play, as well as the famous butt slam. A second player can join in and use their controller to control a star which picks up star bits (useful items that can either be used as ammo or to feed hungry Lumas, which are star people) and shoot enemies or hold them down so you can hit them. They can also help you out by clicking on you, which makes you jump and super jump at times. This can be bad or good, since if the second player is just clicking around on screen, they may make you jump when you don't want to and die. This has happened several times to me. It's annoying but you get used to it and work out a system.

It's definitely worth a rental but I recommend buying it for replay value, which I have no idea about since I haven't beaten it but those games are always fun to go back to and try to get that one last star again or just to screw around while drinking. Check it out.

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