Saturday, November 24, 2007

Go Hokies!

Another year, another win over UVA. God, it's good to know that there's something right with the world on a consistent basis. Cheers to Mix, Jes and G for having a fun day drinking and mocking the Wahoos.

Also, I'm up to 43,000 words or so in Nanowrimo. That's quite a few more than last year around this time, though I haven't had to move or anything like that. I have been busy but my wife is keeping me on pace and making sure I meet my quota for the day. I've been doing 2k words a day since I started off poorly and on the weekends I've been up to 10k over two days. I'm hoping for another big showing tonight so I can finish off the week at 46k and then take Sunday and Monday to knock it out of the park. Here's hoping.


Anonymous said...
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Worsel said...

This is how we roll with the snarky comments.