Sunday, October 28, 2007

Review: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

I was pretty psyched that they made a sequel to the sleeper hit, Wrong Turn, which brought hillbily cannibal antics back to the big screen where they belong. Well, they return in this one, but I can't say that it's for the better. This time around, instead of being stuck in West Virginia because of a dum dum dum wrong turn, the cast is part of a reality show that is being filmed where the contestants must survive the wilderness.

The movie begins with a pretty awesome opening scene where one of the entrants not quite making it to the set. I would say the first two acts of the movie are equally as good, featuring a likeable and unlikeable cast and a nice red herring as to the heroine of the film. It's a shame that the male lead wasn't disguised as well. You can pick out who lives out of the manly gender right off the bat and he's alright. In the meantime, we get to see some brutal deaths and Henry Rollins as a marine who goes all Sonny Landham on us as he hunts us some cannibals.

The movie fails when it tries to expand upon the horrors of the original, instead becoming a clone of remake of The Hills Have Eyes and it's toxically deformed family. Where the original harkened back to the patriarchal overtones of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this one pays little attention to that save for a table scene ripped straight from it though gussied up with the "mutant family lol" trappings of the remake. While it does explain where they all came from, it detracts from the original and makes it less about surviving than giving us a retarded insight into the lives of a mutant band. Yes, they can pray and understand speech and electronics, but speak, no, that is beyond them.

I give it three 40s (the lower, the better). Not a bad drinking movie and a way to waste time, but don't expect the fun and power of the original.

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