Review: Thou Shalt Not Kill....Except

In today's review, we tackle Josh Becker's first feature film release, Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except. It starts with a platoon in Vietnam and then shifts to their return stateside, where Sgt. Stryker is trying to get back to a normal life and woo his old girlfriend. Unfortunately, a cult of killer hippies is coming to town and it's up to him and a few buddies to take them down.

Well shot and paced, the film is a fine first foray into the movie world for Becker. Where most low-budget features don't have much going for them, this one does. It's got a fun cast that can act and work well together. It has decent special effects that are put to the test with several gruesome deaths. It has a few fight scenes that are choreographed nicely and most of all, it has Sam Raimi in a hamtastic role as the cult leader. Unique camera angles help keep you interested and cover up some of the effects, leading to a sustained air of believability. The characters are well rounded and you care for them as they kick hippie ass and you truly despise the villains.

Worth checking out.


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