Saturday, October 20, 2007

Review: Devil's Den

What happens when you basically take the second half of From Dusk Til Dawn and make a movie from it? Why, you get Devil's Den, of course. Devon Sawa and his buddy are heading back home from Mexico when they decide to stop by a strip club. Inside, everything seems fine save for the angry Kelly Hu and the odd Ken Foree hanging around. Soon enough, shit hits the fan and Devon, Kelly and Ken are fighting for their lives against a bunch of ghouls.

Despite the plot similarities to FDTD, Devil's Den manages to stand on its own quite nicely thanks to the talent of the main players. Each has their own backstory as to why they ended up at the club and why they have guns and a samurai sword as well. Much bloodshed ensues and the fights are fun and the jokes are funny. There's a fine chemistry between Devon and Kelly and Ken Foree steals the show as the experienced demon hunter.

Clocking in around 84 minutes, the film never feels rushed or too long and by the end you'll be smiling and having a right good old time. Check it out. It'll make your Halloween fun.

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