Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey, It's Not as Goofy as the New Movie

New strip up over at Creative Space. Click over there or on the picture for the full version. It's in honor of Halloween, both the movie and the season, since I love them both. The new version, not so much. I think it's because remakes are so hard to do when you're dealing with a character. When it's something like The Thing, which completely departed from the Howard Hawks movie, it's a lot easier. In this, the main character is Michael Myers, who people have grown up with and love to hate. Any change to him is going to be frowned upon. Zombie did try, but I think turning him into your run-of-the-mill psychopath was a bad idea. It was more fun not knowing what was wrong with him. Now he's just like everyone else.

So I decided to give him a damn good reason to kill. It's actually recycled from a previous strip I was making about Ghost Rider trying to find a new bike and he gets Arcee. I might still do that one with a change I thought of but I figured if anyone needed pink bike motivation, it was Michael.

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