Saturday, September 22, 2007

Superman: Doomsday

Since nobody is making a JLU cartoon anymore, the majority of DC Universe cartoons we'll get that aren't Legion or Batman are going to be direct to video movies based on story arcs we all know and love and a few original graphic novels. The first of these is transliterated from the Death of Superman/Return of Superman arc from the 90s and if it is a taste of things to come, I can't wait.

The story starts off with Doomsday and a bang and just picks up steam from there until the main fight. After that, the plot is handled with care and we see how the people in Superman's life deal with the traumatic event, from loved ones to foes. Then it gets all awesome again. The voice acting is different from the cartoon, with Adam Baldwin handling Supes, Anne Heche as Lois Lane and James "Spike" Marsters as Sexy Lexy. They do a great job with it too, particularly Marsters, who's Lex, while lacking the subtle baritone of Clancy Brown, gives it a more intense and manic feeling, a contrast from JLU but it works.

The animation is reminiscent of the series, though Superman has a few different lines in the face that are awkward at first but old hat by the end. New look for Lex as well but it's not as jarring in his case. Other than that, it's top notch and has a great feel and looks like money was invested in it, whereas with the Marvel movies they seem to be done on the cheap.

It just got released this week on dvd, so pick it up or give it a rent. It does better than Marvel's offerings so far and blows them out of the water. Included on the dvd is a special look at The New Frontier, slated to bestow awesome onto your tv in January. It's worth it just for that and I get all giddy from it just thinking about it.

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