Monday, September 24, 2007

Green Lantern's Light

I came back to work to an unexpected surprise. My Green Lantern (Armored) figure from the Justice line had arrived. It's pretty sweet and a nice change from the usual figures. No complaints from me. It's Hal Jordan, geared up for the final fight in the Justice mini-series and it kicks ass. When I first saw the spread, I hoped for figures and they came through in spades.

Also I have the first semi-finished shot of the Power Girl figure I've been working on. The base was a Superman/Batman Superwoman figure. I think it came out alright an it's my first 6" figure custom. Yay. I'll have a more finished one by this weekend hopefully. I just need to finish up the interior of the cape. I'll probably have the Sinestro Corps as well.

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