Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bout Damn Time

Fearsome Force Unlimited. Nuff said.

Recipes/Bases for those interested:
(from left to right)

Worsel: JLU Superman base, scupley glasses, paint, sticker emblem.

Mixmaster: JLU Atom base, paint, sticker emblem.

Fast Choker: JLU Flash base, sculpey visor, paint, sticker emblem.

Big G: JLU Batman base (freaking tall as hell), sculpey mask and shoulders (the cape leaves a HUGE gap when you remove it), paint, sticker emblem.

40oz.: JLU John Stewart Green Lantern, sculpey helmet, paint, sticker emblem.

The colors I used were Apple Barrel brand Apple Red, Black and Silver and some other brand of Peach for skin tone, if you're interested. I'm moving towards higher end paints I think after these. The chalky paints don't really cover well and take numerous coats even with a full coat of prime. Citadel Foundation paints were recommended by the local hobby store owner. I might by one to try it out.

Not too bad and it took me long enough to do because I'm a slacker. I got a room set up (for now) to work in though so I should be faster with it all. Whatchoo think?

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The Fast Choker said...

Hah, 40oz is like Super-deformed. Which is awesome :)

Good job!