Saturday, September 29, 2007

Review: All Star-Batman and Robin #7

I think Frank Miller is insane. This is not a bad thing. In fact, for Batman, it's pretty freaking hilarious. This is not the Batman you know and love. This is what happens when Batman loses it and just kicks ass and drops the phrase "Goddamned" every panel, at least once. It's also a retooling of the Batman universe. Think of it as Ultimate Batman. Whereas the All Star Superman book is more of a loving homage to the character, this is Batman at his grittiest and most violent. He won't kill, but he'll come pretty damn close.

The first arc, if you will (it's taken a long ass time to get this far) is the origin arc of Robin. He hasn't appeared as Robin yet. Right now he's in the Batcave training, if by training I mean held captive there killing rats and vomiting. Meanwhile, Batman is burning people alive and making out with Black Canary, a fine Irish rogue. Along the way we have gratuitous ass shots as drawn finely by the always talented Jim Lee and a hectic ride that puts the other Batman books to shame in terms of pure brutal goodness. Not that it's necessarily in character, but it's a fun time. It's a shame that the book is so late since I could read it on a monthly basis, easily.

I don't believe this has been collected at all yet, so you'll probably have to wait if you want to read it from issue one. I think it's worth it. It's a nice take on Batman (almost a parody of the extreme gritty Batman that's been portrayed in comics since The Dark Knight Returns) and you don't have to know much except Gotham is corrupt and he is the cure. You could probably jump on with this issue since it seems to be leading into the next arc with a surprise villain, but you'll probably have to wait a few months.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Final Power Girl

No, it's not a Dragonball Z character. I finished up the painting on the Power Girl custom I previewed earlier. I might do some hair highlights later but I'm digging it so far. Check it out in Custom Corner.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Green Lantern's Light

I came back to work to an unexpected surprise. My Green Lantern (Armored) figure from the Justice line had arrived. It's pretty sweet and a nice change from the usual figures. No complaints from me. It's Hal Jordan, geared up for the final fight in the Justice mini-series and it kicks ass. When I first saw the spread, I hoped for figures and they came through in spades.

Also I have the first semi-finished shot of the Power Girl figure I've been working on. The base was a Superman/Batman Superwoman figure. I think it came out alright an it's my first 6" figure custom. Yay. I'll have a more finished one by this weekend hopefully. I just need to finish up the interior of the cape. I'll probably have the Sinestro Corps as well.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Superman: Doomsday

Since nobody is making a JLU cartoon anymore, the majority of DC Universe cartoons we'll get that aren't Legion or Batman are going to be direct to video movies based on story arcs we all know and love and a few original graphic novels. The first of these is transliterated from the Death of Superman/Return of Superman arc from the 90s and if it is a taste of things to come, I can't wait.

The story starts off with Doomsday and a bang and just picks up steam from there until the main fight. After that, the plot is handled with care and we see how the people in Superman's life deal with the traumatic event, from loved ones to foes. Then it gets all awesome again. The voice acting is different from the cartoon, with Adam Baldwin handling Supes, Anne Heche as Lois Lane and James "Spike" Marsters as Sexy Lexy. They do a great job with it too, particularly Marsters, who's Lex, while lacking the subtle baritone of Clancy Brown, gives it a more intense and manic feeling, a contrast from JLU but it works.

The animation is reminiscent of the series, though Superman has a few different lines in the face that are awkward at first but old hat by the end. New look for Lex as well but it's not as jarring in his case. Other than that, it's top notch and has a great feel and looks like money was invested in it, whereas with the Marvel movies they seem to be done on the cheap.

It just got released this week on dvd, so pick it up or give it a rent. It does better than Marvel's offerings so far and blows them out of the water. Included on the dvd is a special look at The New Frontier, slated to bestow awesome onto your tv in January. It's worth it just for that and I get all giddy from it just thinking about it.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Custom Craziness

I just posted a ton of customs over in Custom Corner. Well, maybe not a ton but I posted individual shots of the JLU Fearsome Force as well as JLU Danger Woman and a Shockini Thom Kallor Starman.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I've made some changes to the site. Not many, but a few. First off I've updated the Customs section so it's not a shitty list. Instead, it's a shitty table with thumbnails. I thought people might like to see what they're getting into and also, I don't have that many so it's not a big deal to load.

Next, I've changed the blog address. It connects up to the journal so you can use that big button up top to get to the main blog from wherever you are on the site.

Lastly, I've changed the news page. It wasn't getting updated by me since January so I through some code on there that will post headlines and dates from the stuff we put in the blog. Much easier to see updates and it doesn't make that page quite so useless. :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bout Damn Time

Fearsome Force Unlimited. Nuff said.

Recipes/Bases for those interested:
(from left to right)

Worsel: JLU Superman base, scupley glasses, paint, sticker emblem.

Mixmaster: JLU Atom base, paint, sticker emblem.

Fast Choker: JLU Flash base, sculpey visor, paint, sticker emblem.

Big G: JLU Batman base (freaking tall as hell), sculpey mask and shoulders (the cape leaves a HUGE gap when you remove it), paint, sticker emblem.

40oz.: JLU John Stewart Green Lantern, sculpey helmet, paint, sticker emblem.

The colors I used were Apple Barrel brand Apple Red, Black and Silver and some other brand of Peach for skin tone, if you're interested. I'm moving towards higher end paints I think after these. The chalky paints don't really cover well and take numerous coats even with a full coat of prime. Citadel Foundation paints were recommended by the local hobby store owner. I might by one to try it out.

Not too bad and it took me long enough to do because I'm a slacker. I got a room set up (for now) to work in though so I should be faster with it all. Whatchoo think?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Review: Halloween 2007 Workprint

Remakes are hard to do. In theory, they should be easy. Take what works, discard what doesn't, and improve what you have left. The Fly did this. So did The Thing. So did Invasion of the Body Snatchers....three times. This is what Rob Zombie has set out to do with the remake of John Carpenter's classic and pretty much slasher-genre creating film, Halloween.

We all know the story. Unless you haven't seen the first one, in which case, stop reading. Michael Myers kills his sister when he's young on Halloween. Years later, he comes back to his home town of Haddonfield and has another night of terror. Both the original and the remake have this in common. That's pretty much where the comparisons start to fall apart.

In Rob Zombie's film, we find out more about the boy/man behind the mask. This is about half of the film. He has white trash upbringing, an abusive parent, a mean sister and a pretty much crap life. Also, he kills pet rats. The makings of a psycho, indeed. Zombie patterned the behavior off of the definition of psychopathy. Unfortunately, it doesn't come across well in this film unless you know it ahead of time. It also kills the mystique. Michael is no longer an enigma. He's kind of a brat. He's pretty straightforward too. No more sneaky kills. He's jumping people right on their front porch and standing out in the open much more than necessary. In the original, we had no idea what he was after. Now we know, but can't seem to care.

I can't help think this would be a better movie if it was a homage to the original and that was it. If you removed the Michael Myers bit you'd have a decent movie about a psychopath. Instead, you have a beloved character pretty much wasted the entire film and played by a wrestler so not only is he sneaking around, he's also 7 feet tall and sneaking around. Unlikely, no matter ho ninja you think he may be.

The violence is there, but there's a lot of unnecessary language and the script could have used a good doctoring to reflect how people really speak. I'm curious to see what changes were made to the theatrical version of the film. Maybe I'll see it tomorrow. I think it's a rental though, and not much more than a footnote in the path of the original film.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Haunted: Part One

I was inspired by House of Leaves. This is what you get in return. Hopefully more to come soon.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Parallax Boots

The next phase in the Parallax custom is the boots and the knee armor. It took a bit to smoothe out and and need to do some sanding but it looks fairly decent. He's shaping up to be a right nice Green Lantern.