Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Question the Answers

Do you like the Question? Sure, we all do. Thank goodness that despite death, he's still around and kicking in true Question style in the latest issue of Justice Leage Unlimited. He's on the hunt for answers that takes him through some of the world's most famous mysteries in order to save the very league itself. The JLU comics has continued where the show left off with fun, standalone issues that feature your favorite characters like you love to see them--alive and happy. Pick this up in a store near you to relive the fun of the series. It's well worth it and obvious...with hindsight.


The Fast Choker said...

How did he beat Cthulhu? I loved it when he showed up in the Solomon Grundy ep of JLU. "Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday." Or was it Sunday? Whatever!

Worsel said...

That's because he's awesome. It wasn't Cthulhu, but a similarly looking thing. He blasted it with a raygun. He was doing that a lot this issue. It was awesome, especially since there were shapeshifters involved. The Question was all, "Hey, wassup?" ZAPPED. :)