Sunday, August 05, 2007

Iron Manos

Just picked up the Iron Man animated movie from Best Buy today for 6 bucks and I must say that it was a decent watch. Not quite as good as Ultimate Avengers but way better than UA2. They took some liberties with the story but the Tony Stark we all know and love is in there and surprisingly not acting like the ass that he is in Civil War.

In this tale, Stark Enterprises is working on raising a ruined city in China that perished ages ago during the reign of a little guy called the Mandarin. As you might guess, there are people who don't want that sucker back and as such, terrorist raids are made on the work site. When things go bad, Tony Stark arrives, only to have a near death experience and eventually has to build armor to keep himself alive, making himself an Iron Man, if you will. From there the story escalates as it is up to Tony to stop all the madness and try to get the world and his life in order.

Good stuff and well worth a rent. I don't think you'll be disappointed, save for the lack of modern armor but it makes up for it with some other types. You'll see. Also, there might be a dragon, and dragons=fun.

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