Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mask of Parallax

No, not the movie with Eric Stoltz. This is the mask that I've sculpted onto Kyle with Sculpey and cured via hair dryer. This method is a littler harder on the fingers than baking since you have to hold him while you blow dry it but it won't melt the figure though it may make the joints and plastic a little more flexible for awhile.

It's modeled after Kyle's original mask since that's what he wears in the Sinestro Corps book after being taken over by Parallax. More to come.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Something Different

Well, since my wife is watching the Hills, I have a bit of time to kill. I'm starting on a new custom project (still have others to finish too but that's for later) and I decided to chronic-what-cle it this time. What is the grand project? Nothing extreme, I'm just making a Sinestro Corps JLU Parallax figure from a Kyle Rayner JLU figure. Said base figure is below.

Now that I've presented the image and been buzzed by a mosquito that made the most terrifying ringing in my ear I will tell you what I have to do. I must go to bed, but first for the figure I will be creating a mask out of sculpey. Parallax uses Kyle's original mask, known affectionately as the "crab mask". It's basically a raised mask that has two levels. I created it but making the bottom half first and cutting out eyeholes and then putting the top half above it. I'll have a photo of that later on.

I've also gotten the other materials that I'll need together. I have a spare cape so I trimmed that and will have to paint it green. Then I have to make shoulder pads that will keep it on Kyle though I'll probably drill pin holes to mount it in a little more permanently since glue sucks. After that, I need to make gauntlets and knee armor, also from sculpey. I'll cure the mask first though and since handling a figure that's still malleable is a pain when you bump something and ruin a good while's worth of work.

I'll be updating with photos as I get them and I might even make a little podcast for ya'll to listen to about my endeavour. Just a photo one. I'd use video but you'll just be hearing hours of me swearing then. :)

I'm also creating the first Fearsome Force vehicle from old GI Joe ones. In this case I'm repainting the HAVOC. I'm doing the hovercraft first to see how the paint looks and in this case. I think it actually looks really good. It's a new type of metallic paint for me to use and it seems to go on well though. I might not do a full coat though since with the streaks it looks like red metal instead of painting plastic with metallic flakes, which is pretty darn cool. I'll post photos of that as well. I'm outtie.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Man, watching Evil Dead and Big Trouble in Little China should be disallowed, it's so much fun, especially when one of the people watching threatens to puke during Evil Dead. Two great movies and make for a great night of movie watching. Why the hell isn't there a sequel to BTILC? It was so much fun. Nobody had a bad time during it from the looks of it. It was all inspired ham acting and awesome. I love those movies. I might just watch them again. :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


-There was a producer on Who's the Boss whose name was Bud Wiser.

-What would happen to Robocop if his fleshy bits were bitten by a zombie?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Iron Manos

Just picked up the Iron Man animated movie from Best Buy today for 6 bucks and I must say that it was a decent watch. Not quite as good as Ultimate Avengers but way better than UA2. They took some liberties with the story but the Tony Stark we all know and love is in there and surprisingly not acting like the ass that he is in Civil War.

In this tale, Stark Enterprises is working on raising a ruined city in China that perished ages ago during the reign of a little guy called the Mandarin. As you might guess, there are people who don't want that sucker back and as such, terrorist raids are made on the work site. When things go bad, Tony Stark arrives, only to have a near death experience and eventually has to build armor to keep himself alive, making himself an Iron Man, if you will. From there the story escalates as it is up to Tony to stop all the madness and try to get the world and his life in order.

Good stuff and well worth a rent. I don't think you'll be disappointed, save for the lack of modern armor but it makes up for it with some other types. You'll see. Also, there might be a dragon, and dragons=fun.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Question the Answers

Do you like the Question? Sure, we all do. Thank goodness that despite death, he's still around and kicking in true Question style in the latest issue of Justice Leage Unlimited. He's on the hunt for answers that takes him through some of the world's most famous mysteries in order to save the very league itself. The JLU comics has continued where the show left off with fun, standalone issues that feature your favorite characters like you love to see them--alive and happy. Pick this up in a store near you to relive the fun of the series. It's well worth it and obvious...with hindsight.