Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Hills have Optics

Got a chance this week off (sorry for no updates) to finally check out some movies. A pair I watched relatively back to back were the original Hills Have Eyes and it's sequel. Not a bad pair of movies, but they differ quite a bit from each other.

As you might have guessed, I watched the first film, well, first. The remake took quite a bit away from it, more than I had imagined. If you watch this beforehand, all the scares are pretty much gone from the following, and vice versa. The major difference is that this group of cannibals looks like a bunch of hillbillies, as opposed to the mutants of the remake. I kind of enjoy this difference since I like the idea of a group gone feral as opposed to being irradiated. They work well together and the cast puts in a good performance and it plays like another of its contemporaries of the time, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, what with the gritty feel of the film and the stark wilderness as the setting. Definitely worth a watch.

Next up was the sequel. I haven't seen the remake of this one, but I can only assume it would be better. Where the first movie was a balls to the wall flick about a family that is terrorized by cannibals, this one is about a group of motocross racers who take a bad shortcut and wind up being terrorized by the remainder of the original's clan but picked off in the fashion of a slasher film, complete with gratuitous nudity and blood . Also, several survivors of the original make appearances and there's a super-sensitive blind girl and a dog who has flashbacks. Yeah. It's entertaining if you watch with friends for a few hoots and to see Michael Berryman kick some ass, but other than that, you can skip it.

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