It's time for another round of things that make my brother say I have problems. :) This is Cassie Hack from the comic book Hack/Slash, which I posted about a few weeks ago. I've been reading it for years since it's been out intermittently in one shots but this is the first ongoing so I wanted to commemorate it and also get more practice in drawing.

It's not done, since I need to add some shading and highlights and I want to put in a slasher or two in the background, or maybe Vlad. I'll have an updated one soon, I hope.


The Fast Choker said…
Dude, why is her waist wider than her shoulders? She's like a frickin' linebacker!

This round of judgmental comments brought to you by the letter F...for 40...which is what I need...
Worsel said…
I told you I wasn't done, ass. It's a perspective issue. The shoulders are turned slightly so there's distance that's not accounted for. Jesus. Also, I'm not that good. :)

I had a 40 this weekend. Have you?
MixMaster said…
Dude, the zombies chopped off her feet!

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