Friday, July 20, 2007

Am I A Conservative Punk?

As I was working and listening to Faction on Sirius today, there came about a live report from the Warped Tour that was going on today in Houston or someplace. It's always nice to get a bit of feedback on how things are going but then the reporter started talking about how "the pigs" were there and were trying to stop some people from moshing and maintaining their presence. What the fuck?

I don't know when cops got such a bad rap for our generation. Even when I was a kid, nobody liked the cop. They're just maintaining the thin blue line to keep all of us safe. I wish there were even more of them since things seem to being going so far downhill. Is their presence at a punk show unnecessary? Fuck yes.

For one, the cops probably weren't happy to be their either. There's crime to stop and speeders to catch and instead they have to make sure that the pits don't get too rowdy and there isn't a riot and nobody gets hurt. I'm glad that they're there. I'd want them around if things got bad. They know first aid and can shit stomp that fuck who thinks the pit is his own fucking UFC octagon.

They probably aren't enjoying dealing with the youth of today either. Fuck, I'd probably want to tear gas the whole joint instead of getting insulted for doing their job. Are you breaking the law? No? Then you have nothing to worry about, so quit harassing them and wondering why they give you a hard time as you bitch about being hassled by the man.

It just pisses me off that there is so much disrespect for the boys in blue who've helped all of us at one time or another. From the kids at the show who don't know any better, I can expect it, but for a radio host to start going off on that kid of tangent, that's not punk. It's fucking stupid and it needs to stop. Go out and support the guys who get enough grief as it is without some Hot Topic little shits referring to them as pork products. That shit was done in the 70s and it's even more done now.

So here's to the boys in blue. Let's pour out a little 40 for them and all get along. And fuck you Faction for annoying me in between songs. I don't pay to hear you fucks prattle on. I pay to hear music. I'm sticking to the Punk channel for awhile. At least they make sense.


The Fast Choker said...

The man is keeping those little retards down!

Meh, I don't mind police or security, they usually aren't being oppressive if people aren't being stupid (kicking people in the face and stuff).

Plus, they like to beat up hippies. Go police!

MixMaster said...

Fuck Hot Topic Punks! They're all posers anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear.

Once you work w/cops, you learn that they deserve more gratitude & respect than almost anyone.

Would you put your life on the line every day for strangers?

They do. Sure, there are jerks in every field. But I've learned that in law enforcement, they are few & far between.

Here's to Law & Order.