Sunday, June 10, 2007

Zombie, Zombie!!

Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #4 (of 5)
Writer: John Layman
Pencils: Fabiano Silva Neves
Cover: Arthur Suydam
Parental Advisory
32 pages,

I picked this one up off of a recommendation from a friend (Worsel). I was quite surprised in how much I enjoyed it even after missing the first three parts. The writer does a great job with Ash's dialog and the artwork is great. Definitely a fun escape from The Initiative.

Overall Rating B


Worsel said...

B? Come on, man. "Yo, Threepio," and Ash's other comments has to make it a A- at least. It's some funny shit. That and it also has continuity with Dead Days and Marvel Zombies which is pretty impressive as well, so the MZ universe is pretty cohesive.

Anonymous said...

I really liked how Quicksilver got infected and then the epidemic spread really fast...the Threepio line was pretty awsome :-) I'm just a tough grader :-)