Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wizard World Power Girl

Wizard World Philly was fun, if you can't tell by Dave's first review of it. Indeed, shame on you who didn't go with us because you were at a hippy jam fest. It was a nice and cool day, which makes rocking out and walking around less of an issue than previous years where you sweat just thinking about walking. Definitely a plus. We parked in Chinatown because it's close, cheap and full of ancient Chinese secrets.

One of my favorite parts about comic book shows is the artists alley. Most of the artists are fun to meet and really nice guys and they usually are willing to sketch what you want or have awesome prints available. Since I did some sketches last year, I decided to find good prints this year instead, and find them I did.

The first up of the series is a beautiful Power Girl by Mark Sparacio, with flats provided by yours truly. He was selling the print colored personally by himself that day but it was a little rich for my wallet so I went with the black and white for now, with option to color later. Due to a sale he had going on, I got myself two different Power Girl prints, a Black Cat (same as Dave) and a Vampirella. I forgot to check to see any new color prints he had but that was probably safer I didn't, since those cost more but look beautiful and I need to hang the ones I have at home.

Here's the Vampirella. It's still uncolored but I have some time coming up where I can color all I want so expect me to work on it then. I'll try to finish shading the Power Girl as well as work on my own shit.



Anonymous said...

You gotta bring this next time for him to sign!


Nice flats...I started working on Black Cat this evening...

Worsel said...

Too late. Got that signed the second time I saw him. :) That's a nice work too. I want to get the Jade picture now.

Thanks. Not much shading to do on the white. The inside of the cape I'll throw a darker red on though.

You got black cat pics? :)

The Fast Choker said...

How do you do the flats? Scan, and then do it on the computer?

Where's the scan of Optimus Prime? That's what I want to see!!!