Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wizard World Philly...Part 1...

So Eric and I hit up WWP this past Saturday and it was good times all around! If you missed it, sucks to be you! We rolled it right around 10am and got in much quicker than last year (we were a bit later last year and had to wait around on line for a while to get it). First off we headed straight for Artist Alley. I had brought several comics to get signed and first off we found Greg Horn who draws the great covers on Ms. Marvel and a few others like She-Hulk. Got a quick autograph on Ms. Marvel #12 (first cover he did for the series) and a sneak peak at the Ms. Marvel #19 cover, which was really cool. He was a pretty cool guy, but we didn't stick around too long and went off looking for more artists.

As Eric was looking through some guy's artwork -- I forget his name, but he did have a pretty neat Optimus Prime print for sale that Eric eventually bought -- I glanced to the right and saw Michael Gaydos sitting there sketching something. I was bummed that I didn't know he was going to be there because his work on Alias is killer and I would have loved to have gotten my omnibus hardcover collection signed (although I would not have really wanted to carry that around all day! My bag was heavy enough as you'll find out later if you keep reading). I did however have a blank cover Fallen Son The Death of Captain America #3 that I was going to ask Alex Maleev to sketch on. I asked him [Gaydos] if he was doing sketches and he said only head sketches, so I asked him to sketch me a Hawkeye on the Fallen Son comic and he said 'Who? And you want me to sketch it on here?' It was pretty funny, but he looked in the issue and once he saw a pic of him he recognized him and started sketching (thank god there was one of him in his Hawkeye costume in there or I would have felt even stupider). I was a bit nervous I had made a mistake in asking him to do it, but once he finished (took about 5 minutes or so) I was super-happy with the results. Best part is, it was FREE! Eric said 'are you sure you didn't just run off without paying him?' Everyone else at the convention was charging for sketches and one guy even posted 'cheapest sketches here $10'. I was feeling a bit bad about it, so later on that day when I walked by again I asked and he said nope, it was a freebie...he's the coolest! I wish I had some more cash to buy one of the original pages from Alias he was selling but I was all out of money by that time of day.

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Worsel said...

I still think you stole that sketch. :)