Friday, June 22, 2007

Wizard World Eric Part 2

Well, in addition to buying prints of big breasted women, I like to buy comics as well when I go to a show. Where's the best place to do that? Well, in the 25 cent and 50 cent bins, mostly. I don't have much luck there though since I'm impatient. I go to the dollar bins where shit is actually organized and I can breeze in and out and get the hell to the next place to drop cash. I did find some decent issues though, so it was all worthwhile. I'm like 16 issues away from finishing up my Starman run and then I can read it all the way through. I was psyched as hell when I found Batman/Hellboy/Starman #2 sitting around at Zapp comics. I've never seen that comic in the wild before. I felt so cool.

Another fun part of the show is half-priced trade paperbacks. I picked up the Essential Nova, Animal Man: Origin of the Species, JSA All Stars and Justice Society of America (which is some sort of collection with Power Girl in it). Couldn't find the trade my bro wanted but I'll be attending some other show to try and find it, this, I command.

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